Foodservice Designer & Architect

Great news! Our fearless leader John Waters has passed all of his Architecture exams and soon will be a licensed architect in California that will be stamping all Food Facility Design plans that are submitted to the building department and health departments. He just gave us the word that he passed the California Supplemental Exam on 11/14. This new chapter will start taking place once he gets his license certificate from the California Architects Board (Should happen around the first week of December 2022). For legal reasons we must state that he is not an architect yet, but soon will be!

Ever since he was young he loved designing and building things. This step is just another nature step in the process of learning and growth for him and our team to be able to provide you with higher quality restaurant design as well as architecture services in the future.

We sincerely would like to thank all our friends, family, and clients that have help us grow together and all the repeat business and relationships we have formed throughout the years.

Stay tuned for more updates!